I want to open my own day care
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Looking to open your own child care center?

I want to open my own day care

Do I need a certified director?

by Barbara McKee-Cleary on 04/23/17

Yes!  Yes, you will need a certified day care director when you open your child care center.  Most owners opt to be the director themselves or they may opt to hire a director.  As an owner, you do not need daycare experience or be present at the daycare facility, as long as you hire a qualified daycare director who will be onsite.

The Holidays are coming! Should I open my center now?

by Barbara McKee-Cleary on 12/16/16

With the holidays coming soon, many parents take this time to re-evaluate their child's childcare options.  Meaning, some parents move from the area, change hours on their current jobs or decide to enroll or disenroll their child in the child care program.

If you are planning to open a child care center, making the "Coming Soon" announcement should be scheduled for January.  This way, parents can keep you in mind when making their decision on child care.

Also, since child care attendance numbers are usually low during the Holiday break, this may be the perfect opportunity to host an Open House for potential new parents.

Check back later for tips on a Successful Open House!

Happy Holidays to you and your family from me and my family! God bless.

When is the best time to open my child care center?

by Barbara McKee-Cleary on 07/05/16

In my opinion, the best time to open a child care center is August 1st.  The reason, that is when families are coming back from vacation, moving from one city to another or even moving from one area of town to another.  They also have choosing a child care center or school on their minds.  

If your center is not ready to open by August 1st, then parents will have no other choice but to enroll their child in a center that is already open.  Planning a Grand Opening for your center in August, along with bounce houses and snow cones, will give parents a chance to view your center and provide summertime entertainment for their children.

Then, when school starts, parents are ready to begin with your program, children are already aware of after school bus procedures if you offer that service and parents can plan their before and after school routines.

Looking forward to many new center openings in August!! Best wishes!!

Opening a Child Care Center

by Barbara McKee-Cleary on 04/28/16

Thinking about opening your own child care center, but don't know where to start?  I get that question alot.  Being a former licensing representative, I am here to help.  You can pay thousands of dollars in consulting fees to other companies, but I am going to give you this information for FREE!

The first place to start is by attending the Child Care Orientation offered by Child Care Licensing.  It is an 8 hour class in which you will receive a copy of the Minimum Standards, the Day Care Application Packet and have the opportunity to ask actual licensing reps any questions that you may have.  This class is FREE as well.  Keep checking my blog to see what other information I can offer!